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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kaia "reading!"

Kaia loves the book about road construction called "Easy Street." She was reading it to all of us over and over this weekend, and Travis thought we should have a video! Her favorite line in the book is "roll it down, make it flat." Kaia is very interested in books, just like Sophia was! Unlike Sophia, Kaia drags a step stool to the bookshelf in order to make sure she can pull every single book off of all three shelves when the mood strikes her. :) Never a dull moment!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer Photo DUMP! Horses, Parade, Grandparent Visit, etc.!

 This summer it was so fun to have Sophia really reach a place of independence on horseback. We enjoyed so many beautiful trail rides around our home!

 August 1st Sophia's good friend Finley came and we had our first sleepover experience... it was a late and super fun night! Finley has unfortunately moved to NY since... Sophia's last favorite little friend, Faith, moved to Minneapolis... and of course our favorite (local) friends left for Alaska a few years ago. Our whole family is attracted to people who leave this place!

 After playing princess all the girls went out on the horses for an evening ride.

 The next day  was "Glyndon Days" in our little town, and the 4H parade... last year Sophia marched in the parade. This year she rode Sunny!

 Finley got to march in the parade with us!

 Our little 4H gang. Finley happened to be on Sunny at the moment :)
 Sophia had a blast waving to everyone!
 I thought this was such a quintessential 4H parade pic... the kids had such a good time throwing candy. It was a beautiful day!

 Sophia kept shouting "do you want to pet my horse?!" She was so proud!

 Finley got tired and a little jealous, so we threw her up on Sunny too! He is pretty much the best horse ever. :)

 After riding her own horse for an hour in a parade of course the first thing Sophia wanted to try were the pony rides! ;)
 Kaia is Sophia's little shadow :)
 Enjoying the bouncy games... Glyndon Days is such a cute community day!

 The next weekend we were in Grand Forks for a Williams family gathering. I'm not sure whose idea it was to arrange this cousins picture, but I LOVE it!!!

 Uncle Tim providing awesome music for the gathering, and some fun karaoke (for the cousins... us adults were too chicken/not drinking enough!) ;)

 Rainy lovely summer days... we started off with too much rain and basement flooding and now in Oct we have drought conditions. Can't we ever have normal weather??!!

 Already miss summer :(
 Mid-August we were so lucky to have my parents visit for a week!! I didn't take enough pictures! :( This was a fun visit with all the grandparents... unfortunately the first two pictures are the best, except for Ralph having a pacifier in his mouth. When Travis goofs off I know which side that behavior comes from!

 Just some scenery photos...

 Ok this is soooo dorky... I took this pic very late one night when we had a terrible storm and tornado/hail warnings. We had JUST finished renovating our kitchen and I thought I'd better take a picture in case the house got wiped out! Ha! Luckily the storm passed just south of us. I will hopefully get some before/after pics up soon! This was quite the project... it took a lot more time (and money) than I expected. We are very happy with the end result!
 Oh, Kaia!
And that concludes this dump! Hopefully, now that things are slowing down in life a bit, I can stay more on top of the blog! Next up: HALLOWEEN! Woot! :)